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10 Ways to Use Microfiber Cloths for Cleaning

You’ve probably already heard of microfiber cloths, but do you know how useful they can be for cleaning? Here, in sunny South Florida, Make-A-Deal Maids is giving you helpful ways to use this valuable tool to transform the way you clean, making your lives easier.
1. Bring Back That Kitchen Sink Shine
Who doesn’t appreciate a clean, polished sink? To do this, you want to spray your sink with an all-purpose cleaner, sprinkle some baking soda, and dampen your microfiber cloth. Using your damp cloth, scrub your sink and then give it a good rinse. After you’re done rinsing, use a dry, plush microfiber to buff and achieve shine.
2. Bathtubs!
Bathtubs can be a bit obnoxious and a slight challenge to get absolutely spotless. Water spots and stuff left behind by any scrubs or cleaners you may be using aren’t a good look. After scrubbing with a sponge, give your tub a complete rinse. At that point, to get that glossy appearance, use a plush buffing microfiber to get rid of any moisture and excess product. This will leave you with an undoubtedly clean tub.
3. Smudge-Free Televisions & Tablets
Spray your cloth with electronics cleaner and, using a ‘S’ pattern, wipe down any screens. You can even wipe down and sanitize your phone. These fabrics are great for this kind of use because along with removing any smudges and fingerprints, you can also eliminate bacteria as well.
4. Achieve Stunning Stainless-Steel
How do you make your stainless-steel appliances looking brand new, like they just came from the factory? Just use an equal parts blend of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and have your microfiber handy. A little goes a long way. Spray onto your cloth and use on stainless-steel you want to attain consistent shine with no smudges, streaks, or fingerprints.
5. Home Office? Not a Problem!
Keeping your office space free of crumbs, spilled drinks, dust, and other unwanted items is easy to come by. For any spills or sticky residue, you can wipe down surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner. You can also dust any office components and, of course, for any monitors or glass finishes, use a glass or electronics cleaner.
6. Shiny Chrome Faucets
As with your Stainless-Steel, you want to repeat the same process listed above. This picks up anything that has splashed onto the surface and other specs that are normally hard to remove.
7. Wash Dishes with Ease
The awesome thing about using microfibers for hand wash dishes is that they don’t adhere to bacteria, do not stink, and are much easier to work with because they’re versatile. When you are done washing and rinsing and want to dry your dishes, these cloths work like a charm.
8. A Must: The Inside of Your Fridge
Remove everything from your refrigerator, spray throughout with an all-purpose cleaner and then grab your cloth and wipe from top to bottom. Microfibers are perfect for removing stickiness and crumbs or debris left behind. When completed, use another dry microfiber for drying and removing any moisture or left-over product.
9. Tackle that Stovetop
Spray your stovetop with an enzyme cleaner and allow the product to sit preferably for about 5-10 minutes. Using an ‘S’ pattern, remove thediscount house cleaning cleaner using your microfiber; no scrubbing needed. The great thing about this is that the cloth also buffs as your removing the product, leaving a streak-free shine.
10. Streak-Free Glass, Windows & Mirrors
Spray with your favorite glass cleaner, then wipe from top to bottom, left to right, removing any streaks, fingerprints, and marks. Because these cloths are so absorbent, all that is needed is one wipe throughout and all the moisture is gone.

Now you have it! 10 ways to utilize microfiber cloths for cleaning. What are your favorite ways to use microfibers?
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