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Top Spring Cleanings Tips of 2018

spring cleaning tipsAah, Spring. The grass starts getting greener, the trees burst into bloom, bees are buzzing, and butterflies and birds are fluttering about. There’s that feeling of newness and a “new-beginnings” attitude we long for all year. Along with all of this comes … Spring cleaning! To many, this part of the season is unfortunately dreaded. Good thing there are skilled house cleaners!
Without further ado, here are some simple Spring cleaning tips, tricks, and hacks to help you tackle your home if you plan on cleaning solo this season:

1. Have A Plan!

Scoping out your home and having a plan for when your getting to work in each room will keep you focused on the task at hand. Creating a checklist is key, establishing an effective approach.

2. De-clutter and Organize

Arriving home to disorder and untidiness adds to your stress level, studies have shown. Spend time getting rid of items in that junk drawer, donate or throw away old clothes in your closets, and dispose of anything in your home that you have been holding on to for far too long. Invest in bins to store away any extra belongings, such as clothes and shoes, holiday decorations, souvenirs, and appliances you don’t use often.

3. Remember: Top to Bottom

Now that we’ve organized, you want to work from top to bottom when disinfecting your home. This is certainly important to avoid re-cleaning areas. For example, first, clean the dust and cobwebs from ceilings, vents, and fans, completing any high-dusting on shelves as well. At that point, dust any blinds, frames, and other items on walls. Then, continue to dust furniture around the room before wiping downing and vacuuming all the dust and dirt from your baseboards and floors.

4. Kitchen and Bathrooms – A NECESSITY!

Kitchens and bathrooms accumulate lots of bacteria and store unnecessary clutter throughout the year. An awesome non-toxic cleaner that is natural is a combination of white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and water.


• Go through refrigerator and pantry, getting rid of outdated spices and food
• Defrost refrigerator and freezer
• Wipe down shelves and drawers inside of refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, and cabinets throughout the kitchen
• Deep clean the oven, microwave, and inside other appliances

• Throw away expired cosmetics, old toiletry products and condense multiple bottles of the same item if present
• Change your old shower curtain and bathmat
• Replace any lightbulbs
• Unclog drains
• Deep clean mirrors, sinks, toilets (in, around, and behind), showers and tubs

5. Set a New Tone for Your Home

Freshen up your home on a whole new level by replacing bedding, towels, table linens, and even window treatments. Take it a step further by adding new colorful pillows or art!

However you transform and revitalize your home for Spring, we, at Make-A-Deal Maids, hope we made the task a bit easier. If, for any reason, you need a helping hand, give us a call at 772-361-4524. Happy Spring cleaning!

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