Why Should You Choose Make A Deal Maids?

Make A Deal Maids – No One Beats Our Prices Or Quality Of Service!

So maybe you stumbled upon this article, or maybe you were directed here by a us. Either way we feel this article will be extremely helpful by explaining the services Make A Deal Maids provides, the cost and benefit of choosing us!
When you give us a call we are going to ask you for some information. Basic information such as your name, address, size of the home, what you are looking for either a one-time cleaning, or if you want to set up a scheduled bi-weekly cleaning. We are happy whatever you decide, and we believe we can turn a one time deep clean into a scheduled cleaning by the time we are done!
Our service always includes the following: all bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room and everything that would typically be included when you hire a cleaning company. We will dust everything, sanitize all surfaces, sweep, vacuum, mop. Bathrooms always get completely cleaned top to bottom. When It comes to the kitchen we will ask whether you want the refrigerator and inside the oven cleaned which just take a little extra time which in turn costs a little more money. These items don’t need to be cleaned each time we come but we suggest you allow us to clean them the first time we visit to make sure we give the home a good thorough deep cleaning. The living rooms get well taken care of being it is where many people spend most of their time when they are home. If you have pets we will vacuum the couches and behind them as needed. Complete dusting and sanitizing will take place. Anytime you ever have specific areas you would like us to focus on we just ask to let us know or leave a note! We are always happy to accommodate.
Pricing is always an important topic to our clients and we understand that. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we give a lot more value for the cost of any cleaning we provide. For regular cleanings we charge $25 an hour which is on the lower end price wise among our competitors. With that we do set a four-hour minimum which makes most of our cleanings around $100. When you write us a review the first time you use us we give an instant rebate of $25 which is one hour. We can set a low price by sending one maid to most homes instead of having to send two for $50 an hour. Even if we send two of our great maids for $50 an hour we still are -$30 an hour less then Molly Maids which is one of the more known of our competitors. We pay our girls a nice hourly pay to insure they are happy to come to work and work hard to keep their job.
When it comes to pricing there really is no need to call around, because the prices range from $20-$80 an hour. Make A Deal Maids chargesmake a deal maids only $25 an hour which is a great deal and eventually will raise for new customers in the future. Anyone who is on a regular cleaning schedule doesn’t need to worry about their price because it will not change for at least 2 years!
After looking at the great value you are getting for the low price you may be asking “why not get another company who is cheaper?” That is an easy question. No one can run a legal business with insurance for less then $25 an hour. Supplies, gas, promoting the business all costs money and after paying employees there is not much profit. The only way we make money at Make A Deal Maids is by having repeat customers scheduled. We are not really interested in the one-time cleanings because we don’t make money after the costs of promotions. We are looking to expand in the housecleaning business and commercial cleaning business. The goal is to secure many office buildings and houses on a set schedule, so we can keep our team busy supporting their families!
Make A Deal Maids is a great cleaning service and we are growing fast! We need your business to help us grow and we want to help you keep your homes and offices clean. Give us a chance and see how great of a job we will do. It wont only be the first cleaning that surprises you but every time we go above and beyond to satisfy our clients. Check out our reviews and see for yourselves!!