March 23, 2018


Imagine having more focus while you’re at work, or actual peace of mind on your way home. How is this possible? By making sure that treasure coast maid serviceyou don’t have the stressful thoughts of cleaning your home on your mind. This can be done by having our team of professionals manicure your home for you. Your home should be somewhere you can look forward to going to, because you know you’ll be able to sit back and relax on arrival. We know from experience that having a list of things to do on your mind makes relaxing almost impossible. Make-A-Deal Maids got into this business to help people like you free up more time.

What is included in our cleaning service?

Dining room We will dust your light fixture and clean up your dining room table. If you would like us to put a fresh table cloth out we can take care of that for you. We’ll also make sure to get everything swept/vacuumed/mopped under and around your table. If you have a highchair we will make sure to disinfect that for you.

Bathtreasure coast maid servicerooms We will get straight to work in the bathrooms. Cleaning the counter tops, dusting all high to reach corners, wiping down and sanitizing all tiles, sweep/mop and clean all faucets. Along with that we will clean any mirrors, showers, and bathtubs. Also, we will scrub the toilets and leave your bathroom smelling super fresh and clean!

Bedrooms Fans and all hard to reach places will be dusted. The inside of your windows will be cleaned and the window sills and baseboards as well. Any picture frames will be wiped down to make sure dust does not build up. Also, we will organize any loose items sitting on the floor or furniture. If you would like we can also change your linens to make sure you have a fresh clean bed feel when you get tucked in at night. Vacuuming is always included for all rooms. If you have clean laundry that needs to be folded just leave a note or ask our staff to take care of it for you!

Living room Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping are all include. We will make sure to get underneath your furniture if it can be moved back easily. Our team will make sure to get in between the cushions for your as well. We can’t wait to see what we find!

stuart maid serviceKitchen The kitchen is key to everyone’s home for cleanliness being we spend a lot of time in their preparing food for our family’s. We will make sure to take extra care to sanitize your kitchen. All glass cabinets will be cleaned inside and out. We will wipe down any counter-top under and around any of your appliances. Your microwave will be wiped out. Trash will be taken out and a fresh bag will be put in its place. If you would like our team to clean your oven or refrigerator just ask and we will be happy to do so. Sweeping and mopping will be done leaving your kitchen fresher than ever!

Laundry room We will wipe down your washer and dryer and vacuum all the dust and lint that may be in there. If you would like us to do a load of laundry we are willing if we are scheduled to be in your home long enough to finish it for you.

Home Office We will wipe down your desk and empty your trash bin. Dusting, sweeping, and mopping will all be done. Your bookshelves will be dusted as well to guarantee a clean work-space.

stuart maid serviceMoving In Moving is one of the most stressful times a person experiences in their life next to marriage and a death in the family. That’s why we have made it much less stressful by offering you our move in cleaning service. We specialize in unpacking, pre-move in cleaning and full sanitation of your home to make you feel more comfortable from day one. The key is to have it smelling fresh and remove all odors of either smoking, pets or mold that has built up in the home. Changing air condition filters, manicuring all appliances, cleaning baseboards, and anything else you would need or would like for us to take care of. Make-A-Deal Maids is super flexible and can accommodate  anything you need cleaned or organized.We can also pressure clean the back porch, garage and drive way if you wish!

Moving Out Leaving your home or apartment messy can be a major issue for most situations. If you are selling the house and putting it on the market it needs to be cleaned properly if you intend to maximize the home value. Now if you are renting you may need to have the rental properly cleaned to protect any deposit you down. We have seen people charged tremendous amounts by the leasing company to send in their cleaners. They can charge you three times the amount it would cost to hire a professional maid service so please keep that in mind.

We are experienced in cleaning anything in your home and to the highest standards possible. You will not be disappointed when you see the finished job.



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